Discovering a thing hidden under the eyes of everyone ...  

There is, there is not, who is, what is it

If you believe the chance, you are at the right site ...
If you believe evolution, you are at the right site ...
If you have faith, you are at the right site ...
If you are without faith, you are at the right site ...
If you are a dreamer, you are at the right site ...
If you are a concrete and rational, you are in the right site ...
If you are a man, you are at the right site ...
If you are a woman, you are at the right site ...
If you are right, you are at the right site ...
If you are left-handed you are at the right site ...

... whoever you are you are at the right site because the Baco is also in you, and surrounds you.
It unites all of us trying to divide us.
It strengthens us by weakening us.
It gives us certainty by instilling doubt.

First law of "Bacotics":

"The Baco is in coincidences that are too coincidences to be coincidences"

It is there for all to see, but it is not visible.
He found us without looking for him. We ignored it for years and he walked around calling us. When chance, or evolution, has hidden it then we have seen it clearly there.
We looked for it again but it vanished. We wanted to harness it but it evaporated.

But sometimes it happens that we run into coincidences and a smile comes to us thinking: "What a strange coincidence!" At that moment we met the Baco and we didn't even notice it.

Second law of "Bacotics":

"The Baco shows itself through fragments"

These strange coincidences are simple correlations between elements of which we ignore nature.

Almost without realizing it, in 2009 we started to pay attention to strange coicidences until we started writing them down in 2015 (at least the most significant ones).

The trials of correlation began to be numerous, and of various types and entities, which required an attempt to classify.

From that moment we started looking for the Baco and its evidences.
We knew it was there, and as mere observers we have begun to collect its traces.

Each element linked to a correlation has been called a fragment (look here).

The collection and classification of fragments started, also with the help of the blog, to try to identify a representative model. This model was called Baco.  

Third law of "Bacotics":

"The Baco is multidimensional and what we call "Reality" is only a projection"

The Baco is something deeper than a doctrine, it is different from something that can be learned at a table.
The Baco permeates existence and merges into the space-time fabric in a n-dimensional world.
To understand it, or better to capture it, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a circle that wants to observe a sphere. What do you see?

Fragments ... only fragments. Projections adapted to one's own point of observation and to one's state of existence.
Do you see it all clearly? No. You cannot because it is of a higher order, but you can understand that it is right there. What we can see, at least, it's one of its representations, something more familiar and recognizable in our 4-dimensional reality. Time is, for us, the fourth dimension but it doesn't matter for the Baco. Time help us to explain changes, what is really important is correlation between changes.

Fourth law of "Bacotics":

"The Baco resides in changes"

The Baco is a multi-faceted group that presents itself differently to each of us. There is, there is not.

Each transformation generates fragments. The main fragments arise from the transformations between energy and matter and, in general, all the entropic processes. The higher the entropy, the more fragments are generated and the more visible the Baco becomes.

Fifth law of "Bacotics":

"The Baco is strong in dualisms"

The stable fragments regroup giving rise to reversible processes and to the state of perceived reality. The unstable fragments become what we call "dark matter". The fragments are everywhere and all in strong correlation with each other, being part of the same "Original Source", the Baco.

Sixth law of "Bacotics":

"Space and Time are only limitations due to our "relativity" 3-dimensional projection of the Baco"

Visible and invisible, energy and matter, matter and antimatter are interrelated in a multidimensional system whose three-dimensional spatial projection is our reality. Time and transformations are the relative tools that we created to give evidence of something that is multidimensional. We are the circles that try to understand what the sphere is. The only thing we can see of it is a circumference that changes over time.

If we could access an additional spatial dimension we could understand what the sphere is and what used to be time-variant in the two-dimensional system - of the circle - would now be static.
Iterating the reasoning, if the sphere were to change volume over time, we might suppose we were observing different projections of something four-dimensional. If we had at our disposal a fourth spatial dimension at that point even the time of three-dimensional space would lose meaning.

So, our Universe is nothing but the multidimensional sphere of which we see only three-dimensional projections.

Seventh law of "Bacotics":

"Infinity, infinitesimals and nothingness derive from our dimensional limitations"

The fragments permeate everything, they are around us and within us. Each of us is by definition composed of fragments. Thus, we ourselves are multidimensional projections of the Baco as composed of its constituent elements.
The infinite and the infinitesimal are part of the same recursion and generate a loop within which they tend to each other by crossing the state of nothingness.

The atomic system is a recursion of the solar system. Just as the galactic system can be thought of as a recursion of a nuclear system. The whole universe could be the recursion of a lung and so on. Paradoxically, looking at the sky and the stars we could be looking inside ourselves. This is because each fragment maintains a certain correlation with others.

The Experiment - Collecting Fragments

In the most absolute way I think it is difficult to write a complete explanation for the Baco in black and white. Already the fact that I call it Baco, and not a multifaceted axiom on n-dimensional existence, is my interpretation ... There are those who saw a Matrix (see Matrix), who a Fringe (see Fringe) who a faith or a superior being, who is a Force (see Star Wars). Who or what ... who is or what is makes little difference.

I call it Baco because it is precisely in the errors of existence that it manifests itself. It is in anomalies, in routine changes, in things that go in an unexpected way and in those that repeat cyclically. It is in history but it is history itself. It is part of Physics but also its foundation.
Let's start with its most basic manifestation: what we call coincidences. Yes, but not all coincidences are Fragments of Baco, some are actually random, while others are too coincidences to be coincidences. These are the so-called correlations.

I invite you to report all the coincidences you have experienced on the Baco blog (BigBug Discussion) on:

Now I will start with some themes that the vision of the Fragments has produced in my reflections.
If you want to criticize them or otherwise complete them, or simply confirm them, I invite you to participate in the blog again.

Reflecting on these things, the vision of the Fragments is much easier. The very nature of the Fragments extends to different sensory and existential fields. So far I have found 10 types of fragments that I will slowly introduce into the blog.

For now read the following seeing it as a little training to prepare the mind by increasing the sensitivity to the uptake of the Fragments.

I await your testimonies. I need it. The Baco is too big for a single person.

The end is the beginning of everything (?)

Ask yourself this question:

"Does a dead man exist?"

Considering the infinity of time and the duration of the state that we call death compared to what we call life, isn't it the latter that is the anomaly?

Is life a disturbance of the state of quiet or perhaps what we believe to be non-existence is actually itself not to exist?

If you struggle to grasp the meaning of these questions then maybe you will stop reading. These questions may be meaningless or unanswerable, but don't worry, you will live them without your knowledge during your deadly nonexistence ... even if you continue to believe that you exist. Reading can help you understand what follows each reason.

If on the other hand you are curious and want to know more then you have to know that it is not certain if you will find answers to your questions, or if you are more likely to find new questions, for those that for you were certainties.

Many ephemeral securities will fall and you will have to be ready to question everything you believe. You will realize that only in the knowledge of nothingness is the comprehension of the whole found.


Dualism is singular

Day and night
Sun and Moon
hot and cold
strong and weak
Yin and Yang
man and woman
give and receive
right and left
black and white
faith and reason
good and evil
life and death
infinite and infinitesimal
everything and nothingness
energy and matter
matter and antimatter
electron and positron


Every dualism is part of the truth. Nothing exists without its denial.
The same truth does not exist without someone opposing it.
The presumption of knowledge is the principle of ignorance.
The admission of our limits is the beginning of their abatement.
Those who fly too high then fall back and those who go to the ground get up again.
Those who believe falters, those who do not believe feel secure.
In the dark, turn on the light and if you look at it, close your eyes.

Strength is in balance. If you unbalance yourself from one side, you will look for its opposite.

Truth should not be sought, it will find you.
If you look for something too intensely you will not find it.
If you try to remove it, it will follow you.

I'm not the one who invented these concepts. They have existed since before all of us because they are part of us.
Probably they themselves created us by shaping inanimate matter and instilling in it a breath of consciousness.
Who calls it soul, who energy, who evolves, but it is thanks to the thought inherent in the magic of dualisms, that life exists. Life is created by the word.

Not even this thought is original. Millennia ago someone wrote that the verb gives life which was created through him.
So what's behind all this? Does it seem that everything is trivial or a simple case? Is it possible that this complex system is the result of chance or what we believe is ultimately much simpler than it seems?

Perhaps the answer escapes you but know that you are part of it.

Each of us must write a little bit about it, living and not living. Existing, believing that it exists or having the certainty that there are no certainties and that nothing exists.

Training completed ...


I would have liked to find out but apparently both in ancient times and in modern times someone had already glimpsed it ... it took a thousand names, I call it Baco because in the computer era it turned out like this ... then if do you prefer the silk one then it's another story ...

The Baco: discovering something already exists.

The Baco

Coincidences that are too coincidences to be coincidences...

Singular Dualism...

Creation of something already exists...

Are you in?